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Matched To A Tea: The Belles

Posted by Latesha Dejean on

Hello There! Latesha (Bookish Girl Magic) here with another Spill The DiversaTea post!

So one day, I was thinking of a way to connect this blog to the book box a little more and thought of what it would be like to match a book to a tea and thus, this section, Matched To A Tea, was born! I’ll be featuring one book and one tea each section. The teas will be from minority owned companies and of course, the books will be by authors of color. Since I’m a mostly YA reader, these books will be predominately YA books (who is surprised here?!)! I will also provide the information for the tea companies, if you feel so inclined to look more into them! I will also try to keep these sections as short as possible.

It’s not exactly a secret how obsessed I am with The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton…I have a huge poster of the cover framed on my Magical Black Kids Wall for crying out loud! The cover is simply stunning and I can stare at it all day, it is my favorite book cover of all time! Equally as stunning to the cover is the fantasy world of The Belles. Dhonielle wrote a world that felt every bit as decadent and luxurious as if spending time in a spa eating sweets. She also wrote a dope main character named Camille who embarks on a roller coaster ride of a journey that no one would want to get off of. By Camille questioning her origin as a Belle and finding increasing discomfort in the status her abilities affords her, she sets off a chain of events that lights the world on fire. I, personally, did not want to put it down and did not until I finished! If you love fantasy worlds filled with decadence, proses that paint beautiful pictures, makes you want to snack and keeps you at the edge of your seat, The Belles is the book for you! The Belles also has a sequel, The Everlasting Rose, that also has a stunning cover and there is an anticipated third book!

When I think of The Belles, I also think of the tea Cheri Rose from Orisa Tii. Cheri Rose is such a decadent and aromatic tea that envelopes all of your senses. It’s a loose-leaf tea blend of organic sencha green tea and rose petals. It is an experience from the moment you open the pouch to when you drink it. The scent the rose petals release can easily fill the room as it steeps and it is beautiful, especially if you are into floral teas. When I open the pouch and smell the tea, I just sigh and daydream. I love to sweeten it with some honey (but it is good without it) and I also enjoy it with oat milk (I’m a fan of milk in my tea). If you enjoy making boba, this is also a great combination as well (I’m a bubble tea enthusiast and the pandemic forced me to begin making my own)! The combination of Cheri Rose and The Belles would be a match made in Bookish Heaven!

Orisa Tii is a Black Woman Owned company that was created by Juliette Austin. Juliette hand blends all her teas and derives her inspiration from the African diaspora as a Haitian woman. If you are interested in looking into more of her teas, you can find her through her website https://www.orisatii.com/, on Instagram @orisa_tii and facebook OrisaTii!

Well everyone, I hope you have discovered a new book or tea company and/or both! Until the next post, I’m wishing you happy reading & tea drinking and sending you so much bookish love! Feel free to find me on through my blog Bookish Girl Magic, Instagram @bookishgirlmagic and twitter @bookishgrlmagic! Also, if you aren’t already, please go follow DiversaTea Reads on Instagram @diversateareads and facebook DiversateaReads! Be safe and have a wonderful day!

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