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To empower readers to explore the world through diverse authors, cultures and themes that they may not have otherwise experienced.

DiversaTea Reads exists to enlighten readers by offering opportunities to expand their vision, to foster dialogs and to engage in conversations on diverse topics and genres.

We are book lovers who seek to open the minds of readers to more than just the books that may be found at the front of the bookstore. We want to empower and be empowered by those who not only look like us and sound like us but share similar experiences as we do. We want to laugh and cry to stories that we can envision through the eyes of storytellers that are of diverse communities. We actively find stories by #OwnVoices to highlight people of every nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and walk of life. We will be reading them all!

At DiversaTea Reads, we understand the importance of a good cup of tea while enjoying a book. That's why we are introducing readers to tea brands owned by small businesses. Each month, we select tea from a small business and add a sample to your subscription box for you. We invite you to ENJOY A CUP OF TEA ON US.

Be sure to check out our blog as we highlight authors, bookstores, and of course, tea. And join the conversation with the hashtag #ReadandSip and follow us @diversateareads.